NEW100: 100% of Purchase + 100% of Rehab

Up to 70% of the After Completed Value

When you are running a fix and flip business, you just never know when that too good to pass purchase is going to come up. LLC has worked extensively with LLC investors to create a 100% Financing Platform. 

The New100 Program allows Real Estate Investors to preserve cash, while still completing that highly profitable project. New100 is meant for projects that require minor repair, not full remodels. The Construction costs are not to exceed 50% of the total Purchase Price.

No Upfront Fees 

Up to 100% of the Purchase Price 

Up to 100% of the Rehab Budget 

Up to 70% of the After Completed Value 

Term: 9 Months w/ Bridge Extension Option 

Rates starting at 10.99%

Points starting at 2.5% 

Residential-Single Family Homes and 2-4 Units only. 

620+ Minimum FICO 

Must have 10% of the Loan Request Liquid

Must be able to provide 1 Year of Tax Returns

Must have 1-2 completed fix and flips in the prior 24 months 

Close escrow within 21-30 Days of a fully approved scenario